Thursday, January 27, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Guns in America

Says the Leader of the House, “We don’t want to be hasty and take away someone’s Civil Rights.”

What about the Civil Rights of these 17 and the other dead children? Are we not responsible for the kids that go to our schools?

“The killer is mentally disturbed they say.” But still he could buy a gun! Is there no school, or church, or medical facility that can produce a program for disturbed children?

We are the only Western country that does not have background checks or gun regulations. And guess what? They don’t have mass shootings every few months either.

Why is this an American problem? The answer: we have a gun association (NRA) rich and powerful enough to put tons of money into political campaigns. (See! That must mean it is a moneymaking business for those folks!).

Again the dollars speak louder than a kid! Life in this great country of ours. We don’t want to take away anyone’s guns. We just want to stop the killing.

So this fall 2018 let’s use our civil rights to only vote for candidates that will support gun regulations and funds for programs for disturbed children.

We citizens still control the ballot box. The NRA can’t buy us all off!

Don’t tell me and those parents, “This isn’t the right time.”


Anna MacFerrier

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