Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Friendly Reaction

Respected friend, Keith Dameron, recently wrote an LTE expressing his opinions on several topics. I’m moved to make a few remarks.

  1. Keith states that “only 440 votes” defeated the ambulance proposal. This camouflages the reality that 3,245 voters wisely did not wantour dysfunctional Marco administration to replace the ambulance service provided by Collier County.
  2. Keith laments that “only” 5,590, or one third of Marco’s 16,500 residents, voted and rhetorically asks “Where were the other two thirds?” Statistically, the average Marco voter turnouts have been roughly four thousand.That makes this ambulance voter turnout above average.
  3. Keith criticizes City Council for clarifying the pros and cons of having our own second ambulance. Keith, that’s their JOB.
  4. Keith correctly states “If the intent was to let the voters decide [the ambulance issue], then let the voters decide.”But then says: “I…feel strongly that our city government has a responsibility to keep this issue alive.”Apparently, refusing to accept the results of a legitimate vote is fashionable these days.
  5. Keith wrote that “…the selection of our new City Manager should be the responsibility of the post November election Councilors.” Our city charter provides that the selection of a CM is the unconditionalresponsibility OF THE CITY COUNCIL, no “ands, ifs or buts”.However, this indecisive City Council has left the City Manager’s office vacant for the past eightmonths whilst debating how to hire one. Keith’s wish might sadly come true by the default of incompetence.

Russ Colombo

Marco Island

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