Sunday, December 5, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Frank R. Recker




To be very candid, the ‘Eagle Sanctuary’ is and was a ruse by the neighborhood residents to prevent the charter high school from locating there. The former school board superintendent sabotaged those supporting the charter high school by signing a lease with the, suddenly passionate, neighborhood bird lovers.  It was a travesty by the board of education in concert with the self serving residents living in the area of Tract K.

Deltona clearly intended tract K to be used for a school on Marco.

People have no shame.  The ‘sanctuary’ is obviously supported by those who have the gall to zealously ‘support’ the eagles (or, I’m confident, starlings, parakeets, or vultures, for that matter) because it serves their self interests to keep a school out of their neighborhood.  Who wants to tolerate ugly school buses and bothersome adolescents when you can just keep them out of your neighborhood?!

Those residents bought their property knowing full well what Tract K was intended for.  The real estate plats have always clearly indicated such.

This all came about due to an unconscionable action of the former Collier County School Board Superintendent who was dead set against the charter high school.  It wasn’t going to happen on his watch. He expressly told me that when I met with him as Chairman of City Council.  Fortunately for Marco, he failed.

As we all now know, MIA is a great asset to our community, in spite of the past malevolent action of the former BOE.  Collier County should envy what MIA has accomplished.

But that’s how low the former BOE stooped to impede the creation of the MIA, created for our children and their futures.

That property should be allowed to become the future home of the MIA.  That’s what Deltona intended.

Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into this ruse by ‘supporting’ another subversion of Deltona’s intent.   People have no shame.

Thank you.


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