Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Frank Lenzi



Re: The Marco Island proposed Rental Ordinance Reconsideration

Apples, Oranges, Lions and Tigers and Bears. What do they have in common?

Everything, according to a few Marco Island City Councilors that are proposing to once again reconsider Condominiums in the proposed rental ordinance. Single family detached homes and Multi unit Condominiums. These are two different animals!

1) Condominiums have rules and regulations that effectively address, renter, guest and owner problems coupled with strong management that actively enforces those rules. Single family homes have no such requirement.

2) Condominiums have legal obligations to have annual fire inspections. Single family homes do not.

3) Condominiums address their own parking and trash issues. Single family homes???

In short, you cannot in all honesty compare a single family home with a Florida State Condominium. They are not the same and as such it is extremely unfair to reconsider them in this ordinance. The fact is, Condos were excluded from this ordinance at the last vote while there was decent representation by Condo unit owners in season. Now this is being reconsidered after most of the condo owners have left for the season. This action only serves to severely tarnish the image of all city Councilors and invoke the wrath of every condominium association on Marco Island.

I can appreciate the fact that there has been a problem with party houses and noise issues. The heartfelt question that Marco city counselors need to ask themselves is this, “Is this a condominium problem or a single family home problem?”

Let the facts be your guide.

There is no rational reason to include Condominiums in this Ordinance.

In my opinion the city should use their resources to work on solving real issues instead of fabricated ones that end up costing thousands of Condominium unit owners needless fees and the associated administrative red tape.

Frank Lenzi

Vice president of The Duchess Condominium Owners Association.

Marco Island Florida

The Duchess has a 3 month minimum rental period policy.

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