Saturday, January 22, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Ethics Complaint Filed (Joy Circle)



Attached you will find an Ethics complaint filed by Bob and Mary Brown (Joy Circle), outspoken supporters of my opponents who are seeking election to City Council. While I harbor no animosity towards anyone who makes such frivolous and reckless allegations against me in my capacity as a public official, I do want to correct their erroneous conclusions. It is my hope that in the future they will exercise more ‘due diligence’ before casting stones at anyone.

As the facts and documentation will establish, on October 8, late at night (11:27 pm), I wrote a very positive letter about our City in the form of an OP/ED piece and emailed it (using my private email account) to the local papers. And as a courtesy to various City department heads, about whose departments I was commenting in the article, I simultaneously sent them a copy. As I later learned, my opinion piece was placed on the City website, without my prior knowledge or consent, about 9:47 am the following morning, October 9.

Anyone who read my article could see that my comments were very positive and supportive of our City employees and departments. I was compelled to write the letter only because I felt that some candidates for City Council were denigrating the achievements and accomplishments of our City employees, and even questioning their worth. Since our City staff couldn’t speak for themselves, I took the liberty of revealing some of my first hand observations about their service and accomplishments on behalf of our City.

The following morning, Oct 9, an email was sent to me from the City IT department (email sent at 9:23 am) about my letter being posted, although I did not read it until later that morning. About 11 am, I received a call from our City Attorney, advising me of the ‘posting’ of my letter on the City website and the emails he had received from Bill McMullan and Bob Brown, understandably objecting to same. I indicated to him that I had no knowledge of any posting of my Op/Ed letter, but would advise the IT Department of the inappropriate nature of doing so. Immediately after my conversation with the City Attorney, at 11:02 am, I sent an email to the IT Dept advising them that posting my letter was inappropriate and that it should be removed.

At 11:22 am I received an email from Bill McMullan, critical of the posting and containing the implication that I must have been complicit in its placement on the City website. At 11:23 am, I responded to Bill, stating that I ‘didn’t approve, condone, or authorize’ the posting, and that I had already notified the IT Dept that it did not belong there. (All of the above can, and will, be readily verified by a careful review of the emails)

Suffice it to say that elections on Marco Island need not be so antagonistic or negative. But as long as they are, many potentially great candidates will not attempt to run for office. They simply do not want to expose themselves to such reckless, derogatory attacks emanating from political candidates or their supporters.


Frank Recker
City Councilman
Candidate for City Council

 Brown Ethics Complaints

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