Monday, January 24, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Elaine A. Myers



After receiving my proposed new Marco Island city ordinance Section 8-100 through 8-104 inclusive in Chapter 8 , I’ve found myself compelled to write to the Coastal Breeze of my serious concerns of this proposal. I have been a condominium owner for the past 4 years at (28 Manor Terrace) the Mariner.  During this time, I have found that the Mariner Management and Board of Directors have shown the utmost professionalism in managing and applying the rules and regulations to make for a beautiful 162 unit complex.  In my opinion the Mariner is the best managed and maintained complex on Marco Island.  The Mariner management and Board have shown we are better off  managing ourselves.  The only difference between section 8-100 through 8-104 and the rules the Mariner already has in place, is the Mariner loses control to a local government that has no idea how to manage a private complex.  I feel the Chamber of Commerce has no business attempting to override the rules and regulations that 95% of the condominiums on Marco Island already have in place.  This is the Chamber of Commerce’s subtle attempt to gain even more control of the Island.  Put yourself in the shoes of all the condominium owners on Marco Island and ask yourself. Would I like these proposed rules?   The honest answer is a resounding NO !   There is no way the Mariner can be better managed. Absolutely NONE !!!



Elaine A.  Myers


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