Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Jerry Swiacki



On March 21, 2016, I came before City Council as Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to report on our findings regarding the development of Veterans Community Park. Under the direction of City Council, our committee was instructed to receive citizen input regarding further development of the park. This issue had been an agenda item for PRAC since February 2015 and continues to remain on the agenda. At every meeting citizens were asked for their input regarding their concerns and desires. For the past eight months, there has been considerable outreach by PRAC to several civic organizations and the general public requesting their input.

At the March 21 meeting, I reported that the majority of citizens wanted to: 1) Maintain Greenspace, 2) Build a Bandstand with dressing rooms, rest rooms and concession stand, 3) Improve parking by removing present parking lot and create angled perimeter parking, 4) Improve shade, 5) Improve lighting and landscape, 6) Create walking paths, benches and a promenade along the water to connect with the underpass at Herbert Savage (Smokehouse Bay) Bridge and 7) Maintain Farmers’ Market.

Councilor Amadeo Petricca presented a “White Paper” at the May 16, 2016 City Council meeting in which he urges City Council to provide funds in Fiscal Year 2017 Bucket Plan for the development of Veterans Community Park in accordance with the recommendations of PRAC. I and the other members of PRAC as well as the majority of citizens of Marco Island applaud Mr. Petricca for his effort. Now is the time for our community to come together and develop the park so that we may enjoy the many potential benefits that this piece of property offers.

Dr. Jerry Swiacki

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