Saturday, December 4, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Gerald Swiacki



Responsibility.  Accountability.  Safety.  Equality.  These are the issues regarding the rental ordinance.   After much debate over several months in public, at the Planning Advisory Board and as City Council Meetings the members of City Council passed a comprehensive ordinance regarding rental properties.  Without this ordinance property owners could not be identified because they did not have to register.  Any problems with that property from short term renters regarding noise, occupancy and safety issues could not be addressed because the responsible person could not be found.

Condo owners needed to be included.  They should not be treated separately from home owners.  They can “opt out” and be governed by their condo documents but they must abide by the same rules that apply to everyone else. The $75 registration fee is not burdensome.

All businesses should pay the 4% tourism tax and 6% sales tax.  Renting a property is a business.  The benefits of the taxes apply to all and so should the burden.




Dr. Gerald Swiacki

Marco Island

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