Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Gerald R. Swiacki



Regarding the Petition to Repeal the Rental Ordinance

Shame on the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce.   The Chamber has aligned itself with the Realtors in an effort to damage the homeowners of Marco Island. The Chamber is assisting in gathering petition signatures to repeal the rental ordinance. They are attempting scare tactics to gather signatures by telling homeowners that their property values will decrease if the ordinance goes into effect.   On the contrary, property values will increase because it will create accountability for rental properties. A person wishing to buy a house or a condo will know that they can depend on the city to enforce ordinances regarding noise, occupancy, trash and safety. Without the registration of rental properties, prospective buyers cannot identify who their neighbor will be and if they would be willing to live next to a rental property.
Most signatories on the original petition are realtors. They make money selling properties and acting as rental agents. They are not concerned about those of us who live here full time or most of the year. They are happy to turn over a property (gaining a commission) and then act as a rental agent so that the buyer can afford the property he has just purchased.   I know most agents are honest business men and women and are careful to whom they rent.   To those honest realtors I see that there is no way that this ordinance negatively affects them. It actually insures a better quality of life for everyone.

The chamber’s mission according to the petition is to “promote a healthy business and tourism climate in order to protect the quality of life in the community”. Are the majority of business owners on the island in agreement with this special interest group in becoming politically active and alienate the community who live here all or most of the year? Most single family homeowners as well as a number of condo owners support the ordinance   Statistics since January have shown that 25% of noise complaints to the police have come from condos. I do not want our island paradise to become a transient rental community like Myrtle Beach. If someone wishes to rent their home or condo I do not have a problem with it as long as they do it in a way that it does not negatively affect my quality of life.

Shame on the Chamber and shame on the realtors who are attempting to repeal this much needed piece of legislation. This is not government over reach.


Dr. Gerald R. Swiacki





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