Friday, January 21, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Donna Harrington



My name is Donna Harrington and I live at Island Manor Condominium Association located on No. Collier Blvd and previously worked in their office as I do now at The Mariner of Marco Island, Inc. Condominium Association.

Condo associations have rules and regulations that govern how problems are to be handled. They also take care of any problems that arise without having to call the police. Most associations, like The Mariner and Island Manor, also have strict rules in regards to rentals (i.e. 30 continuous days) and 90% of these rentals are returning “Snowbirds” who have been renting here for ages and come down to enjoy our bit of paradise.

It is my understanding that originally this ordinance was to take care of problems caused from home owners who rent out on a weekly basis and who don’t take care of their property or care who they rent to. I am also sure that there are already City laws and ordinances that cover problems that arise from owners/renters who are not respectful of other people’s rights. These laws or ordinances should be imposed upon the violators and should not be imposed on those who abide by the rules.

This ordinance, as it is written, would impose great hardships, both money wise and time wise on innocent owners who already pay taxes to the City. I’m not talking about your million dollar high rises and homes. These are just regular, law abiding, people trying to make ends meet and still be able to afford a bit of Paradise by renting their units to assist in paying their bills. This ordinance, which was originally supposed to prevent the “weekly” house rental problems, will force many condo owners to possibly have to sell their properties as the time & cost associated in obtaining all the required fees, inspections, etc. will be too much to handle.

In reading through this proposed ordinance it seems that The City of Marco is looking to become a dictatorship and is not recognizing the rights of others. I hope they will reconsider this ordinance to exclude the condo associations on Marco. I ask them to please don’t punish them for the misconduct of others.

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