Thursday, January 20, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Damaging Our City

I am greatly disappointed with the performance of Howard Reed at the October 4 city council meeting. He was the swing vote and defeated every attempt the majority of council had to hire a new city manager. Since it takes 5 votes to hire a manager, Reed used that power to obstruct. Irreparable damage to our City was of no concern.

Many of us worked hard to get Reed elected to council. Reed would never have won without the support of others and other candidates running with him and now on city council with him.

At the October 3 candidate debate Reed heard many residents stress the importance of hiring a city manager. Despite this feedback, he refused to approve candidates – even as a temporary Manager.

My concern is Reed’s real motivation. In my opinion, his actions represent a desire to make council look dysfunctional and hope that candidates who run on a platform of a dysfunctional council will win and support him.

Connecting the dots is easy. Reed is a supporter of candidate Swiacki. Swiacki’s one major message as a candidate is “How well has this dysfunctional council worked for Marco Island”. Dots connected.

Reed is hurting our city. The city does not need more members of council that think and act like Reed. Reed’s career on city council has 24 more months to go. If we elect the right candidates in November, he will hopefully spend this time as a non-factor in City business.

John Arceri

Marco Island

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