Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Correction With Apology

Correction With Apology

I recently wrote an LTE critical of the City Council’s approval of the language to appear on next August’s ballot asking you whether or not Marco should add is own ambulance service to that already being provided by Collier County. My concern focused on the fact that a motion, approval and adoption took place even before any of other four or five language proposals prepared by various councilors were ever presented for discussion or for public awareness. Such “quickie” actions and omissions unfortunately sometimes have the scent of discourtesy and worse attached.

At any rate, because Councilor Larry Honig had made the successful motion to approve, I credited him as being the author of the ballot language. He has since informed me that the actual author of the approved language was City Attorney Gabriel. I’ve certainly no reason to doubt Councilor Honig’s information, and so I apologize for the identification error. Sorry, Larry.

Russ Colombo
Marco Island

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