Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Consolidation Threatens Marco’s Future

I see the Marco malcontents are back in full force! The “grumpy old men” and their emotional barrage of negative emails are urging you to vote NO on the ambulance referendum. Over the past several years the malcontents have been negative on many issues for progress in our community. That is because they are not fully thinking about Marco Island’s future.

A “no” vote is extremely shortsighted. Be aware, countywide consolidation of Collier County Emergency Services IS looming in the near future. The County did a straw vote asking citizens if they would approve EMS consolidation. 63.7% favored a consolidation but not one of these voters was a Marco Island voter. Marco Island had NO voice in the straw vote because it was NOT included. Once consolidation occurs, Marco will pay more money, for less service, and with NO voice if we do not have our own COPCN first.

Marco Island needs to look to the future and vote “YES!” The ambulance referendum is not just a vote for today; it’s an investment in our future and the future of Marco Island’s next generation – our kids and grandkids.

A “YES” vote will take control back from Collier County so Marco Island residents have a strong voice in controlling its own destiny. Why don’t the Marco malcontents want to improve our ambulance service and move the tax dollars from the County to our City?

We will all benefit from our own ambulance service. The positive voices in our community are standing together now and will vote YES for our ambulance service and for the FUTURE of Marco Island!

Suzanne Piro

Marco Island

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