Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Condo Owner



I am very disappointed in your most recent vote, making Condo owners abide by this ridiculous ruling.  I thought that Condo’s were not considered in this ordinance.  It is my understanding that ONE, only ONE council member brought it up again, and it was passed.  I would like to know which one brought it up and I would like to have him recalled.  Considering all the people who were against including condos in this proposal, they passed it anyway.  I would also like to know how many complaints they get every year about renters in condos and how many complaints they get from home renters.  We have a fine Marco Island Police Department with a high presence on the island and they should be able to take care of making owners comply to noise restrictions without more regulations.  To couple condos into this ridiculous ordinance when we already have our own governing boards is overstepping the bounds of government and will be an added and unnecessary expense.
Lola Sinelli
Condo Owner

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