Sunday, October 17, 2021

Letter to the Editor: City Council Behavior



Lady and Gentlemen,

It is with great regret that I have to send you this Email. I was hoping that after the initial few council meetings after the election, much of the rancor directed toward the City Manager would stop. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it has only gotten worse. The way some of you continually belittle Roger Hernstadt is embarrassing both to yourselves and more importantly, the citizens of Marco Island. I don’t understand why some of you see it as your role to attempt to show the City Manager in a negative light.

My wife and I have been full time residents of Marco for fourteen years and we have both been involved in many community activities and organizations. Roger Hernstadt has been, in my opinion, the most capable, well organized, and most importantly, most easily available member of city government to talk to by far. Although I don’t always agree with some of his actions, he acts decisively, has facts and reasoning to explain his actions and, most importantly, has an open door policy to all citizens of Marco. He welcomes the opportunity to discuss with the citizens any concerns they may have and is happy to receive their input. He makes it a point to be totally involved in the community and always available to the public. The VAST majority of the people I know are supportive of Roger AND also embarrassed by the actions of the City Council over the past few months.

To my knowledge, the previous council gave no specific criteria to the City Manager on which he would be appraised. If there is such criteria it can be brought forward to the City Manager and discussed. If not, then stop the harassment. What YOU need to do is develop specific criteria on which the City Manager will be judged and let him and all citizens know what those criteria are. You can then review, on a quarterly basis with Roger how he is doing in attaining his goals and move forward.

Mr. Honing, as Council Chair, I ask that you do whatever you can to stop the bitterness that is being directed towards Roger and get on with the business of governing Marco Island as opposed to letting individuals work their own personal agendas.

Thank you.

Ray McChesney
Marco Island

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