Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Chief of Police



Message to the Community:

As Chief of Police for the Marco Island Police Department, I am deeply concerned regarding recent allegations regarding the possibility of internal procedural violations, moreover potential criminal acts associated with the un-approved dissemination of an un-vetted police report.

I have been meeting with the City Manager, staff and consulting with allied criminal justice professionals since early July when I was made aware of the facts. I regret that the concerned parties did not contact me personally, as the subsequent dialog would have answered many questions and reduced personal and community distress.

It appears clear that certain community members in this incident are using the situation and media to advance a political agenda. I and the majority of my fellow officers are professionals and we seek to avoid politics: The Department is concerned about crime as well as quality of life issues. I am working to ensure that the Department’s personnel enforce all City Codes and Statutes.

Regrettably, it appears that a draft report containing confidential personal information was released, without authorization, by a member of our Department. This will not be tolerated and I have been consulting with the State Attorney’s Office regarding potential criminal acts. I have also directed that an outside professional conduct an independent internal inquiry into the matter. It would be improper to continue to offer public discourse until these investigations have been concluded.
Al Schettino
Chief of Police
Marco island PD


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