Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s Judgment



Well it is that time again. The vote signs are growing all over Marco making sure that we all are aware of the coming city council election. Thumbing through my Marco newspaper, it was interesting to read of the candidacy of Jared Grifoni and to note the invitation to his candidate’s forum at “Joey’s Pizza.”

Sadly as I turned the page, it was even more interesting, even more enlightening to see that “Joey’s Pizza” was petitioning the city for an extensive expansion of seating and parking for the very site that Mr. Jared Grifoni selected for his candidate’s forum.

I have no idea of the merits of Joey’s proposal, but I have a very clear idea that candidates should not be predisposed to an application. Joey’s generosity in making his place available for the candidate is quite understandable, given his need for Council approval. What is very questionable is Mr. Jared Grifoni’s judgment in not recognizing the blatant conflict of interest.

Vote as you will but Jared Grifoni has a problem with good judgment at the very least.

Robert E. Boyle

Marco Island

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