Friday, January 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Bruce W. Novark, M.D.



I am writing this letter in support of Victor Rios, candidate for our Marco Island City Council.

I  know Victor to be an honest & trustworthy hard working citizen.  He is fiscally knowledgeable, responsible, and is committed to making sure the City spends our tax money for programs we “Need to Have”—not on those “Nice to Have”.

He has attended a high percent of City Council meetings, paying attention & commenting based on facts.

I believe he will listen to us, the tax-payers, & will work hard with others to ensure our taxes are spent wisely & efficiently.

I believe Mr. Rios will be an asset to our City.

I urge you to vote for Victor Rios.



Bruce W. Novark, M.D.
1220 Ember Ct
Marco Island, 34145
239 642-6777

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