Thursday, December 9, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Bill Harris



Like most cities, Marco Island has ordinances governing where, when and how you can display political signs. Some of those rules, including Section 530-527(17), prohibit mounting political signs on vehicles, whether parked or being driven. And some of the rules prohibit political signs from being placed in the public right of way, as well as prohibiting vehicles from being parked within so many feet of any intersection, and within vacant lots without the owner’s permission. These requirements are for political fairness and equality, and for public safety and protection of property.

You would think that our stalwart “captains of industry” and leaders of some of our citizen’s advocate groups and newsletters would abide by, and obey, the letters of the law. Or, perhaps they feel that they are above the law. You would also think that our Marco Island Police Department would recognize these violations that occur in full view at the polling places and enforce the ordinances, especially since some of the members of the MIPD Foundation are aware of the violations that occur within 30 feet of where they are stumping for their chosen candidates. And since patrol cars pass by the polling place several times every day.
It makes one wonder whether the violations would be tolerated and ignored like this if the vehicles and mounted signs were advertising for the other candidates, instead of just for the candidates they support.
I’ve filed complaints with the MIPD about these violations, and they’re “investigating”. Hopefully the investigation will conclude in time to stop these violations before election day.
C’mon, Man!! Make it an even playing field for all the candidates! You’re supposed to be impartial.

Bill Harris
Marco Island, Florida

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