Friday, December 3, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Bill Harris



When another during-the-break backroom deal hired King Roger, you could see the conspiracies that would follow.
King Roger negotiated behind doors to build a 165-room hotel near Veteran’s Community Park, and to add 131 Density Credits to the developer’s 34. Then develop portions of the park. City Council was not aware of the back room negotiation, and were only made aware by local newspapers.
Here we go again; another back room deal! Where is the transparency they keep promising?
I oppose Public-Private partnerships because taxpayers always lose. This is a public park belonging to Marco Island taxpayers. Citizens provided input on its development. Then King Roger pulls this shady deal, and says we’ll loan them $1Million for five years, plus another quarter million, out of our pockets! $1.25 Million, for what; and from where?
Councilors say the City Manager’s attempts in this are being done without the support of the Marco Island voters and without their support.
It’s time to reel in King Roger and his obscure and high-flying ways. And his ardent supporters. Get onboard or get out!
What happened to fiscal Responsibility, Transparency, Honesty, and Fairness for the people of Marco Island?
I keep saying, it’s time for a change! A real change!
Out with the old; in with the new!
Vote Grifoni, Reed, Roman, and keep incumbent Honig!

Bill Harris

Marco Island

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