Friday, December 3, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Bill Harris



Not often that I agree with Councilor Honecker on anything, but it IS time to kill Marco’s rental ordinance. It’s dividing the island and pitting homeowners against condos again. But some of the comments are hilarious, such as referencing the ‘much improved’ code department. Every neighborhood on the island has code violations that are ignored by the city. We use grant money for the sidewalk widening projects. Those grants require ADA-compliance. The permits for driveway pavers, in most cases, indicates that pavers can run all the way to the street; an ADA violation. To Mister Karpman: do you recall when the ‘Group of 4’ on this Council ‘out of the blue’ fired Jim Riviere? Haven’t you read about Councilor Batte’s abuses of power? Are you not sick of the last minute sleight of hand reversals of this Council? How about the city government misleading the public into thinking the State Attorney and others were investigating the “illegal” release of “unapproved” police files? When the employee who released the files had been fired in July; yet the MIPD Chief gave a 10 minute speech on August 3rd on the seriousness of this act and how the investigation continues. If the guilty party was fired, what are they investigating? We have ‘plenty of money lying around’; our utility accounts have huge surpluses, yet our fees increase each year.

So, is this Council so bad after all? YES!!

Bill Harris, Marco Island


Part 2.

Marco’s Council doesn’t understand the firestorm they started with their rental ordinance. It’s only being refueled at each meeting. The Rental Ordinance they fight tooth and nail is only the catalyst; only part of the problem. The real, underlying issue is that our Council refuses to do what the electors want. They ignore the general population, instead pandering to the special interest groups.

The 9/09/2015 Council meeting was further evidence that a 4-person Council majority, and the City Attorney, will disregard our City Charter to further their own goals.

The citizens are fed up! We’re tired of their bungling through Council meetings, like Keystone Kops. Sick of selective enforcement. Ticked off with rules that only apply to some, but not all.

And, it’s time to force Joe Batte out. He refuses to step down; preferring instead to drag our City through the mud with him. And his earlier printed “apology” was just like Hilary Clinton’s – more an insult and “I’ll continue doing what I want” than any remorse. Not even offering “his side” to the allegations. So they must be 100% true.

Councilors – LISTEN! That rumble you hear is the stampede that’s headed for you. The ‘good ole boy’ atmosphere has got to go.

Marco CAN be a great place to live, but ONLY if our leaders make it so.

If this group of leaders refuses to act honestly, fairly, and with integrity, we’ll replace them with a group that will.

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