Sunday, October 24, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Tax Reduction

City Council Chairman Jared Grifoni and the Council majority are owed a well-deserved “kudos” for their recent vote to substantially reduce the Local Communications Services Tax. Chairman Grifoni submitted a white paper on the tax recently which contained his recommendation to lower the tax by approximately 60% over the next year and a half. Let me say that again, 60% reduction, wow! This is a tax we all pay monthly on our cable, cell phone, telephone, and streaming services bills (amongst others). Grifoni’s proposal would make the City of Marco Island’s tax rate the lowest municipal rate in southwest Florida.

I am thankful for this reduction that will lessen my tax burden on a month-to-month basis. Past Councils have either raised taxes or accomplished nothing to lower the tax burden on Marco Island residents like me. Chairman Grifoni, Councilor Honig, and Councilor Rios all had comments that were spot on during the debate on the issue at the last Council meeting. It’s about time we have some true fiscal conservatives on our City Council!

Once again, thank you Chairman Grifoni for keeping your promise to the citizens of Marco Island with your bold and successful effort to substantially lower taxes for our residents, and thank you to all the Councilors who voted in support.

Monica Pierce

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