Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Anne Gardner

To The Editor:

Having read it, I am appalled by the letter to Condo Owners from Councilman Magel. Once again, he is pitting Condo Owners against single-family Homeowners and dividing our citizens, with a letter of untruths and inaccurate assumptions. Mr. Magel, we do not need your underhanded tactics splitting our community, nor does anyone need your advice on who to vote for. This is a community of intelligent, well-educated people who are quite capable of researching facts and making voting decisions without your, or Mr. Arceri’s, advice.

To those of you who have been out-of-state and may not have kept up with Marco news, I urge you to ignore these baseless accusations, go to Candidate Forums, meet Messrs. Sacher, Honecker, and Petricca, and discuss their views directly with them.

Having known the Sacher’s for many years, I assure you Larry is a decent, honorable man with an outstanding financial background whose only interest is what’s best for ALL Marco citizens, no matter where you reside. He will listen to every citizen’s concerns, and NEVER dismiss, or denigrate you as I’ve witnessed too many times, if you speak at Council Meetings.

Since Messrs. Sacher, Honecker, and Petricca all have wonderful financial backgrounds and knowledge, I find myself constantly wondering why Messrs. Magel and Arceri are so afraid of these candidates that they find it necessary to conduct a smear campaign against them. Are they afraid some financial shenanigans, or “back door deals” will be uncovered? What’s their reason for these vicious, untrue attacks on these three men?

I personally “smell a rat” and I don’t think this type of “dirty politics” has any place on Marco. This is Kindergarten Behavior that I find disgusting, especially when it comes from a sitting City Council Chairman who’s not even running in this election!


Anne Gardner

Marco Island

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