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Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to City Council Concerning Roadway Resurfacings Projects

An Open Letter to City Council Concerning Roadway Resurfacings Projects

I listened to the replay of the City Council Meeting held on Monday, October 16, 2017, Item 11. b. A Resolution Authorizing Selection of Roadways to be resurfaced for FY 2018. During the discussion Mr. Grifoni was questioning Mr. Pinter about the selection of roads to be resurfaced.

The importance of that discussion was $1 million was reallocated from the Utility Funds to Roadway Resurface Projects, predominately for STRP roads. The purpose the Council decided to reallocate the funds was that decided it was created by the STRP. After he and Mr. Pinter were completing their discussion, Mr. Grifoni stated that approximately $1.2 million will be spent and the residual funds would be carried over to FY 2019 to be able to resurface more roads, and Mr. Pinter agreed. Never during the discussion did he or any other Councilor refer to the RESIDUAL FUNDS, $5 hundred thousand of residual funds from FY 2017, no roadways were resurfaced in FY 2017, was never carried over to FY 2018 or FY 2019 to be used for Roadway Resurfacing Projects. If they did that it would give them $800 thousand more for FY 2019, plus budget of $500 thousand for FY 2019 ($1.3 million) for Roadway Resurfacing Projects in FY 2019.

Why was the FY 2017 $500 thousand ignored in their thought process???

Was the $500 thousand spent elsewhere???

Amadeo Petricca
Marco Island

One response to “Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to City Council Concerning Roadway Resurfacings Projects”

  1. Ernest Zuccarelli says:

    Paradise For Who?
    I’m wondering what Marco Island will become as it gets snatched up by developers bit by bit. It feels like it is heading to a place for tourists and not for residents! The word “profit” seems to be more important than “living”. If you look on websites like VRBO we are becoming a place were owners are not residents but profiteers. House after house is becoming a place for transients who come, use and depart with little interest in the future of Marco and the people who actually live here.

    Week after week these unlicensed transient houses defy Florida law and flood the internet with invitations to become, in many ways, burdens on us foolish individuals who thought our zoning laws protected our lives and the community we pay so dearly to live in. Our Zoning Laws are becoming falsehoods!

    So many of us now live without neighbors and a sense of neighborhood because we are becoming enveloped by mini hotels run from afar. Some of our island businesses and property owners seems to think they’re are entitled to do anything for profit and are no real benefit to our community other then speeding Marco’s demise into some type of cheap tourist trap. Our City Government, in the mean time, seems to be very quietly abetting this flaunting of zoning laws.

    Residential zones are now COMMERCIAL zones despite what was promised residents in our own regulations. Residents, even part time, don’t stand a chance! Many are like me who made huge investments of our life’s savings only to find $$$$ per night flop houses are really what our City Government has brought to our island home.

    So – PARADISE for who?

    Instead of minding the ‘store’ our town council has turned Marco home into a ‘store’. I’m not saying that Marco should be without a tourist industry. In a way it could bring a little ‘flavor’ to the day to day but not when management is left to profiteers with no interest in community unless it brings them benefit at the loss of others. Allowing transient ‘mini-hotels’ to infest Marco is not of benefit to all except the greedy. Instead of sensibly managing our tourist industry so residents share our gifts with others our City Council just hangs out the “FOR RENT” signs in cyberspace.

    It’s another day in paradise and what a beautiful one it is except it is fast becoming another day in a community that’s ‘just passing through’!

    As residents both full and part time we deserve a community of neighbors not unknowns. We should not have to worry from day to day who is going to show up next and what will they bring with them when they come! I think we’ve had a good taste of what they’re leaving behind too. They leave junk stores, bad restaurants and unlimited opportunities for bad management. Mostly they leave behind a vacuum that just sucks in more of the same

    Our Zoning Laws say BUSINESSES NOT ALLOWED IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS. For many of us that was just a plain LIE! Our community deserves better!

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