Thursday, January 20, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Al Russell



I’m writing to express my objection to the proposal rental ordinance. I have owned a condo at The Essex Condominiums for 22 years. Condominium rentals have not been a problem and still aren’t today. All condominiums have documents that state laws and strict rules to take care of problematic renters. In fact these rules give us much more flexibility than the proposed Ordinance will have. These rules take care of problems very effectively so why would we want to risk losing that. All condominiums are required to be inspected for updated building code and annual fire inspections that are already performed in Condominiums under other Ordinances so why would I get more than needed and have to pay for that. The original rental Ordinance was to repair the problem by “transitory” rental which according to the Florida Statutes is considered less than 30 days. This ordinance has now grown to all condominiums in less than one year and has not caused a problem since. This new ordinance should be excluded in Marco Island or we should be given the choice to “Opt-out” in some thing we do not agree with. I do not think that it is fair for us to pay more for something that isn’t a problem to any if not all condominiums in Marco Island. Thank you for taking this time to read my objection I hope it helps with the decision.

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