Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Al Diaz


I am writing this letter in response to several recent letters regarding the upcoming City Council elections.

Several letter writers have indicated that no one can predict what the slate of Ken Honecker, Amadeo Petricca & Larry Sacher will do if elected to the city council but if past behavior is any indication of future behavior than the facts, the very scary facts speak for themselves, on who will fairly represent ALL of the property and business owners of Marco Island.

The facts are that Ken Honecker and Amadeo Petricca both served on the Utility Advisory Board that was established by the City Council with the intent to study and recommend water and sewer rate structures for council consideration.

They were charged as committee members to develop a rate structure that would be FAIR to all property owners; this would be their first test as public servants to demonstrate their ability to be fair and equitable in their dealings and unfortunately they failed miserably.

In fact they presented ten different rate structures for the City Council’s consideration and ten times they failed to present a plan that demonstrated any sense of fairness.

The only condominium representative on their committee the late Dick Bergman would present several alternative options for the committee’s consideration and each and every time he would be voted down.

Due to Amadeo Petricca and Ken Honecker’s failure to present a single rate plan that was considered fair the City Council was forced to hire a consultant that ultimately cost the city more than a $100,000.00.

Thanks to three incumbent councilmen who are running for reelection, Gerry Gibson, Frank Recker and Wayne Waldack, along with Larry Magel who all voted to hire the consultant the City of Marco Island now has a Water and Sewer Rate Structure that is fair and equitable to all the property & business owners of Marco Island.

Another scary fact is that in response to the City hiring a consultant and adopting a Fair rate structure, the third member of the Petricca and Honecker slate, Larry Sacher moved to create the M.I. Homeowners Association now known as the M.I. Property Association. As the founding Chairman of this organization he helped create their founding documents that indicated that the goal of their organization is to elect Councilman who would protect the interest of homeowner over condominiums. This is not conjecture but a scary fact.

I ask you does this sound like someone who is eager to represent all of the property & business owners fairly?

All of the above are the Scary facts and the reason why we need to elect people who will be fair and equitable in all their dealings. People who have a proven track record of listening to both sides of an issue and making impartial and fair decisions, regardless if you live in a home or condominium or own a business. All we can ask of our elected officials is fair and honest treatment.

That is why I am recommending that we reelect, Gerry Gibson, Frank Recker, Wayne Waldack and newcomer Larry Honig to the City Council.

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