Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Letter to the editor: AGAIN NO CARPETBAGGERS

Several months ago I sent a Letter to the Editor of the Naples Daily News stating that East Naples and Marco Island did not have to endure carpetbagger representation on the Board of County Commissioners. District 1 has a wonderful, energetic and honest representative in Donna Fiala, and there is no need for someone from North Naples, supposedly moving into the District to support us.

In a head to head confrontation, at the South Regional Library June 13th, between Donna Fiala and Steve Cosgrove it was apparent who knows the district better, and would make a far better representative than someone who would work for it part time and who hasn?t bothered to investigate major issues confronting two of the most important problems effecting tourist dollars, and Marco Island owners – our beaches, and the potential loss of two large condo?s within Hideaway Beach, and the resultant loss of revenues that would have to be made up by the residents of Marco Island or drastically cut the city?s budget. I doubt Cosgrove even knows where Hideaway Beach is.

The worst thing voters in District 1 can do is sit back and let someone else do it on election day. The voters should turn out and vote overwhelmingly to send a message to Ms. Hiller and Mr. Henning, that message would be, District 1 does not need, nor want, part time representation beholding to you. It wants the loving, caring, time consuming attention it gets from Donna Fiala.

Send a message, loud and clear, to the Board of Commissioners, District 1. Get out and vote for Donna or lose your representation.

LtCol Bill Howey

USMC (Ret)

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