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What is the issue? 

The Marco Island City Council erred in advancing and adopting an overly broad, burdensome and unnecessary Rental Ordinance. It affects thousands of Island property owners. It has absolutely nothing to do with the initial problems identified. This complex new regulatory system will impose recurring fees, inspections and new fines for violations. It affects not only problematic 1 to 2 week vacation rentals of single family homes in residential neighborhoods, but any rental property (or any offer to rent any single family home or condominium) on Marco Island for any period of less than one year.

We firmly believe that the aggressive and uniform enforcement of existing Marco Island Ordinances concerning noise, overcrowding, illegal parking and improper trash handling against all property owners, not just short term renters, is the fairest, most reasonable and most effective solution to problems. While we do agree that there are real problems in some short term rentals, we disagree that the enormous data collection solution adopted by the City purportedly for vague “future planning needs” is required, necessary or even useful.

The newly enacted Marco Island Rental Ordinance is a shining example of a distorted philosophy: that more and bigger government is in the public interest. Coupled with the concept that citizens should accept relinquishing some of their fundamental property rights in order to achieve that objective, we object.

The committee strongly disagrees with this philosophy. That is the reason why we filed this petition seeking repeal of the Rental Ordinance in its entirety.

We are further concerned that in the face of opposition Council passed one version of the Ordinance in March only to reverse itself in May after many affected owners had left the Island.

Who are we? 

Eight individuals founded our committee from a much larger group of concerned citizens. All strongly believe the Council majority improperly chose to ignore the many opposing concerns and thoughts of the citizens who elected them when it adopted this rental ordinance. Our backgrounds are diverse. Some members rent properties, some do not. Some are retired, others are not. Some are involved in property management, while others are not. We all live here in houses or condominiums. We all share a strong love of Marco Island, a desire to protect our freedoms, and our individual property rights from unwarranted governmental overreach.

What are we doing about it? 

The committee chose to exercise its constitutional right of free speech, to organize opposition, and to exercise the rights reserved to citizens in the Marco Island Charter. A petition with sufficient signatures in support of it compels the Council to either reverse its actions and repeal, or put the issue to a vote by the voters of Marco. We think the peoples’ voice should prevail.

Before we can begin circulating our petition for signature by registered Marco Island voters, its form must be reviewed and approved by the City Attorney. That process is currently underway.

Further press releases will follow the progress of our petition initiative. We ask that you, as an Islander and Voter on Marco, join our efforts

How to Contact us: 

Property Rights PAC.

By Postal Mail: 661 South Collier Blvd., Marco Island FL 34145

By E Mail:

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