Friday, January 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor: A Simple Question For Voters

Lawns are covered in a rainbow of signs; vicious emails fill your inbox; new anonymous websites pop-up like weeds, it must be election season on Marco Island.  Five candidates are fighting it out for three Marco Island City Council seats. Combined, they have raised over $84,000 to win a $6,000/year job.

Erik Brechnitz is Larry Honig’s planning board appointee. Victor Rios is seeking re-election.  Sam Young is Victor Rios’ waterways advisory committee appointee.  These three candidates represent a continuation of the “slate” that was elected in 2016.

Jim Richards is actively involved in philanthropy on the island. Jerry Swiacki is an environmentalist and founding member of the Marco Island Eagle Sanctuary.  These two candidates are the outsiders with no connection to the current council.

The voters of Marco Island have a simple question to answer.  If you like the current scandal ridden dysfunctional Marco council place your vote for Brechnitz, Rios and Young.  If you are ready for a change than cast your vote for Richards and Swiacki.

Kenneth Honecker

Marco Island

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