Thursday, December 9, 2021

Letter to the Editor: A PUD is PUD When You Own the Property



After reading Lisa Conley’s article, Veterans Community Park Hotel Project in Fridays (9/27/2016) edition of the Marco Eagle I became more disenchanted than before. For one, this is the Hotel’s Elkcam Circle PUD, not the Veterans Community Park PUD. Let’s not muddy the waters.

The City Manager stated that everyone has followed proper procedure. I agree with his assessment, had this been a submission by a petitioner who owns all of the property necessary to meet there needs. In this particular instance, the petitioner only owns 1.32 acres and must purchase 5.04 acres of density credits from the City; if they are available.

The City Manager likened this Hotel PUD to the Marco Walk project in which PROPERTY OWNER (which re-enforces my point above) city staff and attorney put together an agreement. That is the normal procedure!

Here in lies the problem; the City Manager offered these credits to the petitioner without first getting permission from City Council that these credits were available and they are for sale. He took it upon himself to offer these credits for sale and let it go through the normal procedure. Had he followed the prudent and transparent path we would not be in our present predicament.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amadeo Petricca

Marco Island


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