Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: A Medical Director to Serve Marco Island

It is pointless to name a medical director until the COPCN has been voter approved. It would be reckless to appoint a director until an advisory panel of medical and business experts has been established to thoroughly review and vet all applicants. The advisory panel would recommend an individual who has a proven successful background in emergency medicine and one who will answer to the needs of Marco Island citizens.

Ambulance service for Marco Island is not something that will happen overnight, nor should it. Time and careful planning are critical for transitioning control from the County to the City’s future medical director who will effectively manage Marco’s emergency medical service.

A bonus for us, there is already an inter-local agreement in place with the County. When needed, Marco will back the County, and the County will back Marco Island.

To qualm a previous writer’s concerns, the medical director appointment would be a LIFE SAVING appointment. There is absolutely NO place, nor should there ever be, for a political platform when seeking quality life saving emergency medical service that will provide Marco Island with faster response and transport times.

I have confidence that Marco Island will hire an excellent medical director. I am voting yes for the COPCN. I believe it could save my life and my life is worth paying an extra $2 a week.

Linda Turner

Marco Island




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