Friday, December 3, 2021

Letter to the Editor: A Man of Action



During election season, you hear a lot of nice claims and you hear blistering accusations. You hear promises, diatribes and grand standing. Sometimes, it is difficult to know who to believe because everyone puts their best face forward during election season.

As a resident of Marco Island, I believe we need a change on the city council. We need someone that not only says they are “conservative” because it’s popular, but has a proven track record of fighting for tax payers.

I believe that Jared Grifoni will work hard for Marco Island’s best interests. His message of unity and working together is a breath of fresh air. I trust that Jared will be a true fiscal conservative because there is proof of his activism over the years available for everyone to see. Please check out his website and go to the “video” section of his site. You will find all the evidence you need to confirm his credentials.

You will see that he is constantly attending county commission meetings, School Board meetings and city council meetings and standing up for citizen’s rights and fiscal responsibility. No one else can say that.

We have too much flip-flopping, too much passing the buck and too much kicking the can down the road. We need a man of action on Marco Island City Council that means what he says and stands by his words. That’s why I am voting for Jared Grifoni and I encourage everyone else to join me in supporting him.

Laurie Kocak

Marco Island

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