Thursday, January 27, 2022

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New Traffic Signal on Collier

The following letter is from the president of South Seas East Association recapping a meeting for residents regarding the proposal of a new traffic signal to be installed at Collier Blvd. and Saturn Ct. with Tim Pinter from the City of Marco:

A meeting with Tim Pinter, Public Work Director for the City of Marco, was held with condo association members, along Seaview Court, to discuss the options for a new proposed traffic signal at the intersection of North Collier Boulevard and Saturn Court, 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2016.   This signal would include provisions for crosswalks to allow residents to cross North Collier Boulevard.  All three options were for Saturn Court and none were submitted for Bayside Court onto Collier Boulevard where by far the greatest danger and concerns for pedestrians exist.

This meeting was hosted by South Seas East Association.

It is our hope that Council members will support our request for the following:

1. A pedestrian crossing from Bayside Court across Collier Boulevard.

2. A light signal to control traffic on Collier Boulevard and Bayside Court.

3. New asphalt on Bayside, Saturn and Seaview Courts.

4. Upgrades to landscaping along these roads

5. If council insists on having the signal light on Saturn Court, please consider changing Bayside Court to a one way going west towards South Seas Club main gates. This will force traffic to Saturn Court and minimize traffic exiting from Bayside onto Collier thus creating some measure of pedestrian safety. If this is not possible, please consider a no left turn onto Collier from Bayside.

6. New lighting along Bayside, Seaview and Saturn Courts using lights in storage currently not being used by the City.

7. Replace and widen sidewalks along Bayside, Saturn, and Seaview Courts allowing room for both pedestrians and bikes.

8. The addition of a right turn lane on Bayside Court at the entrance to the South Seas Club gate, which would eliminate congestion on Seaview and bayside.

Tim Pinter, Public Works Director, for the City of Marco Island, who requested this meeting, presented plans to us after which a very informative session was held.   It is our hope that our positions on the above issues will be addressed.   We have 1,264 individual condos within South Seas Club representing one of the most densely populated complexes on Marco Island. ALL of the residences are NORTH of Bayside COURT.  Per your consultant’s report regarding traffic, bicyclists, pedestrians, etc. the only location which met all criteria to recommend a signal light was Saturn Court. It is hard for us to understand why Saturn Court met your criteria and just one block south, Bayside did not. Somewhere along the accumulation of the consultant’s data there is a major flaw, or maybe, just maybe, some other outside influence by others was introduced. There is no way people will walk from South Seas Club to Saturn Court to cross the street. The safety of pedestrians crossing Collier Boulevard has been and still is from day one when we first addressed this issue, over two years ago, our prime concern.

As we experience a growing population here at South Seas East along with the other associations at South Seas and the many Condos along Seaview Court it has become very clear that pedestrians trying to cross Collier Boulevard from Bayside Court do so at a very high risk of injury. Now that you are on notice, we who are among the several hundred people who cross Bayside Court daily appeal to you before serious injury or death occurs that you take immediate action on this request.

Thank You,

Dr. Maurice E. Allard, President

South Seas East Association

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