Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to The Editor

Letter to the Editor


Based on what occurred at the January 19, 2021, Council Meeting, I am sounding the alarm of another probable First Amendment violation. 

Councilor Blonna nominated Larry Honig to the Planning Board while Councilor Rola nominated Ed Issler. Larry Honig’s was approved; however, Councilor Blonna objected to Ed Issler because campaign newsletters were hurtful and he could not trust him. Surely Councilor Blonna knows the reprehensible content of Larry Honig’s The fact that he denied authorship until responding to an election complaint places Councilor Blonna’s character in doubt for trusting him. 

Councilor Irwin cited a lawsuit threat by Ed Issler; a review of that e-mail references a possible appeal to the State Attorney. Most troubling is our City Attorney concurred with this when Councilor Brabowski inquired what Councilor Irwin was basing her assertion on. Now both Councilor Irwin and the City Attorney owe Mr. Issler an apology and the other Councilors an explanation for their credibility is suspect. 

Chair Grifoni found the newsletters incendiary, yet he and Councilors BabrowskiBlonna, and Irwin by their vote to deny Ed Issler’s appointment were the ones who stroked the flames. 

Do watch the video of the May 7, 2018, Council Meeting. It includes a “Time-Out Provision” by Councilor Roman that proposed that no Councilor leaving office be appointed to an advisory board or committee until two years had elapsed. Interestingly, Councilors Grifoni and Honig voted for this with Councilor Honig recommending four years. Obviously he has changed his opinion. Perhaps he hopes to use the Planning Board to launch a campaign for Mayor. If so, voters must resoundingly reject his candidacy. You might remember that Ray Seward called him “Lying Larry,” maybe we should consider “Hypocrite Honig” for his contradicting previously stated beliefs. 

Our Council is endangering our rights. 


Regina L. Dayton 

Marco Island, Florida 



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