Saturday, November 27, 2021

County Mask Mandate

Letter to the Editor

I hope our next City Council can hear better than our current one!
Almost 228,000 people DEAD from Covid-19 as of today; more than 500 million sick; virtually every medical person with training in decease and viruses continue to repeat the same mantra—we can help stop the spread by wearing masks, exercising social distancing, washing hands, etc.
The Collier County Commissioners, despite the embarrassing display by Donna Fiala’s refusal to even wear a mask at meeting, were wise enough to hear the message and extend the mask and other CDC guidelines until next April, yet because Marco Island is a City, we are exempt and can only participate if our City Council voluntarily chooses to opt-in to the ruling.  The existing Council continually refuses to ignore the science and have done nothing to perform their #1 duty–protect the safety of our citizens–by opting-in.
It’s great to see the majority of people at the grocery stores wearing masks, yet I see so many groups entering restaurants without masks.  Frankly, I don’t care if you want to get sick and possibly die, but I don’t want to and you have a responsibility to me to protect me just as much as I try to protect you.
This is not political; our current national administration doesn’t want to deal with this problem which isn’t going to “one day just go away”.  Rather, it takes effort and our City Council can aid that effort tremendously by doing two things: (1) opt-in to the County mandate and (2) require that the mandate apply to the upcoming start of the Farmer’s Market.


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  1. Debra Tribbey says:

    Mask Mandate- get your act together City Council. We will be staying on Marco soon, with the length of stay totally dependent on City Council action. Without a mask mandate, we will not be patronizing restaurants or other businesses, except elsewhere in Collier County. This is a simple answer to economic issues. Do the respectful thing—-require masks—-for everyone’s safety.

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