Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor



I would like to send my condolences to the Paterno family. Joe saved my life. After my accident in Pennsylvania he very selflessly sent a picture of himself with a note:

To Steve, “We are all behind you”

I looked at that as a sign I didn’t want to let Joe down. I also would like to thank these businesses on the Island for being so great to me:

1. The south Seven Eleven.

2. Always There Home Health Care.

3. CVS.

4. The Bank of America.

5. The Island Bike Shop.

Peace to all who enter here, where there is faith there is love,

Where there is great love there are always miracles and I am one of them.

Marco Island is my home, my family. Hopefully I’ll roam, someday for eternity. 

Looking to her, guidance was sought. It did occur, maturity was bought.

Witness a surprise, healing a bone, during my demise family was sown, Walking I go, pester you no more, injury I throw opening a door Wearing new flesh, raised from a child, brand new, so fresh, nuts, crazy and wild. 

I really can’t sing, I’m not that lyrical.

Hopefully God will bring, yes I am a miracle.

I follow the Golden Rule, fantastic is how I feel. I made myself cool, Marco Island made me real. I ask myself the question, why me? Oh why feel the sensation, I’m not afraid to die. 

I’m really a great guy. Yes, I am polite. Someday I’ll fly, for I have seen the light. 

Steven Zandy

From the Editor: Most on Marco will recognize Steve as he rides around Marco on his three wheel bicycle. Coastal Breeze News wishes you the best Steve!

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