Sunday, January 23, 2022

Letter to the Editor



For Whom The Bells Toll

Twice daily, at noon and then at five I would stop and listen to the beautiful sound of the Carillon coming from the Marco Lutheran Church. Though I am not a member of that particular church, for just a few wonderful minutes my heart would skip a beat and I would get a warm feeling inside. I guess I felt good about my town. Those bells spoke to us and reminded us that we had a lot in common.

Recently, the Carillon bells no longer resound across the land and water. I assumed that the Carillon might be under repair. The assistant pastor told me that a group of residents, living nearby, complained and so the church’s carillon has been silent. How sad. What a loss– to our village. The bells can’t ring because they make “noise.” The Angelus took but a few minutes from our daily lives, but there, few minutes were among the most beautiful and previous minutes of my day.

Don Mills

Marco Island

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