Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Letter to Editor: Disgust With Personal Attacks



Recently the Letter to the Editor section of our local newspapers have been filled with letters regarding the upcoming City Council Election trying to sway voters to vote for their particular favorite candidate.

Most of the letters have been positive and have pointed out the good qualities of the candidates that they support and some have been from candidates themselves outlining their positions.

However, several letter writers have gone out of their way to disparage some of the candidates both incumbents and those running for the Council for the first time.

Some of these letter writers have also taken the opportunity to attack our City Manager Roger Hernstadt.

I wish to express my disgust with people that would revert to personal attacks. We can agree to disagree on positions but it should never be personal.

I also want to publicly express my support for our City Manager Roger Hernstadt. He is a hard working individual who I believe has always had the City’s best interest in mind.

I have reached out to him over the years regarding different issues and he’s has always been willing to take the time to discuss whatever was concerning me and has always made himself available to speak to any group. Under Roger’s leadership our City has made great strides.

I hope that future letters writers will abstain from negative attacks and base their attempts to persuade the electorate by only using positive and persuasive arguments.

I personally wish to acknowledge all the candidates that are willing to serve our great City, it’s a thankless job where you can guarantee that 50% of the citizens are not going to agree with your decisions.


Al Diaz

Marco Island

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