Friday, January 21, 2022

Letter the the Editor: George Karpman



My wife and I live at 530 Snell Court and we are property owners for over 30 years and we are full time residents. The reason we purchased on Marco Island was to improve our quality of life, the island’s tropical atmosphere and small town character.

We are very concerned that Marco Island has little control over single family rental homes. We have been disturbed by loud and excessive noise going late into the night, and excessive numbers of people occupying these houses which appear to be over the safety limit.

We, along with our neighbors have called the police with noise complaints over the years. However, the reports have not garnered much response from renters or more importantly the property owner. The renters do not feel responsible as they will leave the island, but the home owner should bear some responsibility for complaints against renters and their activities.

Six years ago this issue was brought to City Council for consideration. To date, no action has been taken. The Planning Board has been reviewing Ordinance #14, which would resolve the rental issues on Marco Island. I understand that the Planning Advisory Board chose not to move the proposed rental ordinance to a future date while they wait for the “task force” the Board of Realtors has put together. While some value would probably come from this, it is our understanding that the report from the “task force” will probably not go to the Planning Advisory Board until their December meeting! This could mean that the earliest the Council would see it is January 2015. The problem is NOW and the season has already begun.

We urge the Planning Board and City Council to expedite the passage of the proposed ordinance. Everyone knows the real problem. Since the City does not have any requirements for single family rental homes, we can’t imagine what “data” the Board of Realtors expect to present. The residents of Marco Island elect their officials to make these decisions, NOT THE BOARD OF REALTORS. We need to address all these nuisance issues NOW not later.


George Karpman

530 Snell Ct.
Marco Island, FL. 34145

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