Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Let the Voters Decide

Letter to the Editor

The Referendum process has long been part of our Governmental process. It is a vehicle for voters to initiate and vote on an issue, independent from Politicians and Governmental Bureaucracy.  

Regarding Legalization of Recreational Marijuana, our Florida Governor and State Legislature have rightfully (in my opinion) opposed the passage of any Legislation. But BEWARE!!! There are wellfunded groups in the State that are using the Referendum process to get the issue of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana on the 2020 or 2022 Ballot. 

Statewide, this issue represents 100’s of millions of dollars to Big Money backers of this Referendum. Their budget for advertising is limitless. We should and must do something to protect our Community in advance of this inevitability. 

We are close to our Referendum requirement to get this issue on the August 2020 Ballot. We ask each and every Registered Voter to fill out and sign the Petition and send it to: brm_pac, PO Box 1310, Marco Island, FL 34146. Or, drop it off at Professional Dry Cleaners in the Hoots Plaza on Elkcam. 

If you require a Petition, please email us at, 

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  1. John Strothers says:

    On Friday, February 21st, I observered a controled burn taking place at the entrance to the Marsh Trail on route 41 just East of the San Marco road entrance to Marco Island. The winds were blowing 20-25 mph with higher winds forcasted for later in the day. I couldn’t help to think back a year or two when a prescribed burn in that same area and in the same windy conditions got out of control and burned thousands of acres for several weeks smoking out Marco Island and the other surrounding communities.
    Assuming that these controled burns are really necessary, I would think that they would take place when weather conditions are more optimal so as to prevent what has happened in the past.
    John Strothers
    Isles of Capri

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