Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Lely Well Represented at MIA Rays Invitational

The home team was well represented at the MIA Rays Invitational cross-country meet, on a muggy Saturday morning at Mackle Park. The MIA boys team finished third, behind Dunbar and Naples in the nine-team boys’ field.

Lely finished seventh in the boys’ competition. MIA’s Kevin Barry finished fourth overall with a time of 17:56. The overall winner was Dunbar’s Ogler Bartolon with a time of 17.16. MIA’s Johnny Watt finished ninth overall with a time of 18:18. Jose Sanchez-Sanchez was Lely’s top finisher at 14 with a time of 18:31.

On the girls’ side, Lely finished third in the six-team field, behind Naples and Donahue Academy. MIA had three individual female finishers.

Lily Burke of Donahue Academy was the overall winner at 21:04. Wendy Saynes Ruiz was MIA’s top finisher, with an 11th place finish at 22:44. MIA’s Kathryn Barry finished 22nd at 23:56 and Yessenia Martinez finished 29th at 25:15.

For Lely, Celina Alber finished 12th overall at 22:52. Lely’s Cayley McCloskey finished 16th at 23:14 and Maria DeClercq finished 17th at 23:36. Alexandra Ditheridge finished 19th at 23:43. Sophia Friedhoff finished 27th at 24:48, Eileen Poling finished 35th at 25:57 and Janneczka Hernandez finished 37th at 26:07.

Other MIA boys’ finishers were Tony Castillo, 15th at 18:34, John Boxma, 41st at 20:33, Gabriel Tschida, 51st at 21:29, Shamus Coyle 52nd at 21:32 and Kaleb Chamerlin 54th at 21:37.

Additional boy finishers for Lely were Antonio Zavala, 32nd at 19:54, Armando Najera, 35th at 20:05, Brandon Diaz-Diaz, 44th at 20:56, Benjamin Stamas-Sanzera, 45th at 21:21, Darwin Mancera, 46th 21:22, Giovanny Villasenor, 48th at 21:24, Gregory Joseph, 57th at 21:53, Michael Distel 61st at 22:18 and Samuel Nemeth 70th at 24:03.

Both the boys and girls ran 5,000 meters.

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