Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Lely vs. Gulf Coast



by Roger Lalonde

In sloppy football, Gulf Coast downs Lely.

In a game that was exasperating, full of mistakes and exciting, Gulf Coast downed host Lely 24-12 on Friday, Aug. 28.
With five turnovers in the first half, the Lely defense bent but didn’t break, but the Lely offense did.
A crucial turnover came after the Lely defense had made two crucial stops as Gulf Coast was about to score in the second quarter.
With 1:03 left in the second quarter the defense held at the four yard line. Trailing just 10-0, Lely surprised most everyone by trying a pass play while it could have run out the clock.
The pass was intercepted and Gulf Coast made it 16-0 at half.
In the third quarter Lely romped for a touchdown but just 39 seconds later Gulf Coast scored. The extra point made it 24-6 and Lely couldn’t keep on track.

Due to lightening the Senior Night for football and cheerleaders was cancelled. The game stared 45 minutes late. Senior Night will be rescheduled.


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