Monday, December 6, 2021

Lely Senior Night

by Roger Lalonde

Lely High School senior football players and cheerleaders will be honored before Lely’s home game against Gulf Coast at 7 p.m. Friday (Aug.28)

Here are those that will be introduced before the game begins.

 Katie Schiller (captain)

Escorted by: Her dad Richard Schiller & mom Susan Schiller

Activities: Varsity member of cheerleading, cross country, soccer and track since freshman year

Thank/College: Thank her parents for being persistent motivators, her sisters & brother, her friends and all of the coaches and teachers she has met in her past four years at lely high school. Plans on attending Florida State University to study political science.

Tara Snyder (Captain)

Escorted by: Dawn Snyder (mother) Abbey Goldman (best friend)

Clubs/activities: Varsity Cheer, Varsity Track, Helping Hands,

People you’d like to thank: I’d like to thank my mother for believing in me and showing me God has a plan for my life, I’d also like to thank my wonderful cheer coach, Ms.Burdick for being more than a coach and an inspiration for our team.

Plans for college: I plan to attend the University of Florida and major in biology for a pre-med route and minor is disabilities in society.

Ellie Bennett (Captain)

Escorted by: Mother Dody Bennett, and Father Kyle Bennett

Clubs/activities: Varsity Cheer for 4 years

Thank you: To her Mom Dad and Sister for always believing in her, and pushing her to new goals. Also to Coach Burdick for being there for anything she needed throughout her years at Lely.

College Plans: Plans on attending the University of Mississippi and major in nursing.

Vayda Wasem

Escorted by: Her mom Lyndsi, Stepdad Adam, Sister Sydney, and Brother Oliver

Clubs/activities you’re involved in: vayda has been a part of the lely cheer team since freshman year. She also volunteers with the Marco island tumbling program.

People you’d like to thank, and plans for college:

She’d like to thank her friends family for always supporting her. She hopes to attend university of Florida and major in criminology.

Brittany Kordus

Escorted by: Her Mother Nancy, Todd, her boyfriend Jonathan, and her best friend Breigh-Anne

Clubs/activities: varsity cheerleading, varsity softball, varsity golf & key club People i’d like to thank: family for supporting my decisions and friends for being there for me

College: Hopes to attend UCF or UF






Jerry Casimir

Escorted by: His Siblings

4 Year Varsity, Running Back, GPA 3.0 #21

Accomplishments: Involved with the Basketball and Track program for 3 years

Plans to go to college after graduation so he can become an engineer

He would like to thank God first and foremost, for giving him the abilities to play and endure the sport.

Calerb D’Haiti

Escorted by: Mother Francisca and Brother Isaiah

1 Year Lely Varsity, Running Back, GPA 2.7, #1

Accomplishments: 3 Year Varsity Football Starter, 2 Year Varsity Track, CROP Academic Scholar

Plans on playing college football and pursuing a career in physical therapy.

He would like to thank his mother and father for giving him love and support. He would also like to thank Lely for being a family to him.

Carl Dorcent

Escorted by: Mom, Dad, and Sister

4 Year Varsity, Line Backer, GPA 2.8, #55

Involved in JROTC for 4 years

After high school he would like to do one of the following two things, either go to technical school or go to the National Guard.

He would like to thank first off his family for being there with him, He would also like to thank his coaches, and a special thank you to CWA Harp and his Girlfriend Esmeralda.

Jean Dossous

Escorted by: Father Elixer and Brother Kency

4 Year Varsity, Defensive Back, GPA 3.8 #6

Accomplishments: Played Football and Track

Plans to go to School and become a pharmacist

He would like to thank God, family, coaches and staff for all that they have done to help him through the last four years.











Lik Estilien


Escorted by: Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters, and Cousin


Accomplishments: 4 Year Varsity Letterman in football and basketball and he is a pro at sleeping he has 18 years of experience


He would like to attend UCF and study electrical engineering.


He would like to thank God for letting him see another day. He would also like to thank his family for getting him through the hard days, and he would like to thank his teachers and coaches for trying to help him get to the next level. Last he would like to give a shout out to Dr. Ricciardelli, and Mrs. Keegan “I see you” and Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Cox, and Mrs. Darla “What’s Up!” And most of all Mr. Mottola and his Wife “Ya’ll are the Best!!”


Caleb Filus


Escorted by: Vida, Ricky, Don, Chrishigh


3 Years on Varsity, Wide Receiver, GPA 2.5, #81


Accomplishments: Ran track for a year, Perfect Attendance for a year


He plans on going to college and studying sports management or being an entrepreneur


He would like to thank his parents for supporting him in everything that he does and for providing for him with a roof over his head, food on his plate, and clothes on his back, He would also like to thank the team for always being his family.


Wesley Germain


Escorted by: The Germain Family


4 Years on Varsity, Defensive End, GPA 3.1 #7


Accomplishments: 1 year Academic Letterman, 2 Year Varsity Letterman


He plans on attending FAU or FIU majoring in Criminal Justice to get his Bachelor degree


He would like to thank God for blessing him and giving him the opportunity to play sports that he loves. He would like to thank his family, friends, and coaches for being with him and pushing him to strive for greatness these past four years, Last he would like to thank Coach Padin JR for always pushing him to be stupendous.


Henry Monpremier


Escorted by: Father Justin


2 Years Varsity, Defensive Line, GPA 3.1 #8


Involved in: Key club and FCA


Plans to attend UCF


He would like to thank is Lord and Savior Jesus, his parents, brothers and anyone who has truly made an impact on his life.








Caleb Nash


Escorted by: Father Steve


Involved in: Volunteering for Carwashes and Competed in Track


He would either like to become a fire fighter or would like to work on going to college and studying psychology.


He would like to thank the Good Lord, his father, his grandmother and grandfather and Coach Culmer.


Al Nelson


Escorted by: Tamara Nelson and Darlene Charles


4 Years Varsity, Offensive Tackle, GPA 3.0, #76


Accomplishments: Played 2 years of basketball and 1 year of track


He plans on attending Iowa State University and double majoring in Business and Management, and Law Studies


He would like to thank his family for always being there and supporting him and keeping faith in him.


Jimmy Pierre


4 years varsity, linebacker, defensive end, gpa 3.2 #10


Involved in: 2 years of Basketball and Perfect Attendance for 3 years


Wants to go to college and study sports management


Would like to thank his family for supporting him in everything that he does. Also for pushing him to do his best in everything and for believing that he could do anything he put his mind to.


Thomas (Tre) Popoli III


Escorted by: Cathi Popoli, Thom Popoli Jr, Mia Popoli, Gabby Popoli, and Hunter Popoli


2 Years Varsity, Center, GPA 4.8, #75


Accomplishments: 4 Year member of Track, 4 Year member of Scholar bowl and A-Team, Student body secretary and active member of student council, AICE Diploma Recipient


Plans to attend college at the University of Florida and major in Health Science with plans to master in public health.


He would like to thank his coaches for guiding him through the past four years.

Name: Wodelin Prophilien


Escorted by: Yvonne Desir


3 Years on Varsity, Defensive Tackle, GPA 4.4 #11


Accomplishments: 3 Year Academic Letter, 3 Year Varsity Football, National Honors Society, Chess Club, Quests Program


He plans on going to college and studying software engineering, or psychology


He would like to thank his mom, his family, God, the coaches, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


Raynald St. Jour


Escorted by: Rolly St. Jour, Adriana, and Jenny


3 Years Varsity, Guard/Center, GPA 2.7 #77


Accomplishments: 3 Year Varsity Letterman, Freshman Track


Plans to go to college and study Criminal Justice to become a police officer.


He would like to thank Coach Culmer for helping him with school and football, He would also like to thank Coach Padin for motivating him during practice and football games because he knows how much potential he has.


Fidner St. Louis


Escorted by: Mom Larose


3 Years Varsity, Left Tackle, GPA 3.0 #70


Plans on attending a college and majoring in engineering


He would like to thank God, his mother, and his coaches


Jose Vega


Escorted by: Father Jose


2 Years on Varsity, Wide Receiver #17


Involved in: FCA and Key club


He would like to attend SCAD in Atlanta Ga


He would like to thank Coach Culmer, and all of the coaching staff, as well as the team for welcoming him in as part of the family.


Daniel Van Der Bogart


Escorted by: Tom and Jane Major


1 Year Varsity, Offensive Line, GPA 3.1, #69


Accomplishments: (Past school) He was President, Key club, weight training club, and Entrepreneur club.


He wants to get his realtors license and go to college for Business


He would like to thank his parents, friends, God and all my fellow peers and supporters.








Huggens “Lil’ Snoop” Vilsaint


Escorted by: Hugo and Kettly Vilsaint and Siblings


2 Years Varsity, Cornerback, GPA 3.0, #4


Accomplishments: Football District Champs, Basketball Summer League Tournament Runner up


Plans on attending college and studying psychology


He would like to thank his parents for pushing him and being hard on him these past 17 years. My uncle Snoop for raising me to be a man at an early age. Coach Fritz and Coach Culmer for making me find and be a better me every day. Mrs. Coleman for being my second mom these last two years, and last but not least God, without him, I don’t know where I’d be right now.


Tra’ Vaughn Young


Escorted by: Vaughn, Rose Young and Sister


3 Years Varsity, Running Back/Line Backer, GPA 2.8, #13


Accomplishments: 3 Year Varsity Player


He would like to go to college while continuing his football career, study business management and sports management


He would like to thank God, his family and coaches for pushing him to give it his all at everything he does.


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