Sunday, October 24, 2021

Left Lane Driving

It is “Unlawful” to remain in the left hand lane when driving, this is for ‘Any’ road and at ‘Any’ speed. FL State Law 316.081 (3) is common in majority of the states and can be punishable in Florida by a $179 find and three (3) points on your license. This has become more and more a problem on State Hwy 951 between Marco Island and Naples. Listening to FL Highway Patrol and the Collier County Sherriff’s Dept. most people are under the belief that this is for Controlled Highways (Freeways) only but this is not the case. Officials are understandably reluctant to enforce on roads with speed limits of 45 and less however will and should enforce on roads with 50mph and above. Once you pass a vehicle it is State Law that you return to the right lane as soon as possible. Remember, even if you’re at or above the speed limit you must return to right lane and allow others to pass on the left. I for one would like to see the officials enforce this law more intensely than they currently do, it is a safety hazard.

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  1. ANNA says:

    This happens often here traveling from Marco to Naples some are not even going the speed limit and some are huge trucks with a line of traffic following I just don’t understand the mentality of doing that. I rarely see a patrol car except at the bottom of the the bridge entering Marco.
    I do wish that law is enforced.

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