Thursday, December 9, 2021

Learning From 2020

Ask the Life Coach

Dear Coach, 

I want to kick off 2021 with a positive attitude. Its bound to be a much better year for most peopleright? I certainly hope so! 

Without getting into the politics and the leadership aspects of the pandemic, Im wondering what you learned, and are still learning, from your experiences in 2020. What did you miss, what new activities will you carry over into 2021? 

I learned that hugs mean a lot, my family and friends are more important to me than I even imagined, and I learned to make hot chocolate bombs. I also learned that my own company isnt so bad after all. 

Im going to show more gratitude in 2021, demonstrate greater kindness towards myself and others, and keep in touch with what really mattersfriends, family, faith. What are you going to do to be positive this new year? 


Positive in 21



Dear Positive, 

What a great letter! As we welcome a new year, youre encouraging us to be positive and introspective at the same time. Thanks for posing thoughtful questions and sharing your insights. 

I learned that we are in the midst of at least three pandemicsCOVID, Climate, and the economic and racial inequities that pandemics make more evident.  

I learned to have greater patience with myself, my circumstances, and the people I love. 

Structure helps me thrive. In 2020, I learned to create structure in a new environment, one without outside events and facilities. 

As the pandemic continues, Im accepting that its okay for me to occasionally feel depressed. Like you, however, I want to heighten my sense of gratitude. Im feeling great empathy for those who have lost loved ones, incomes, businesses, health, and homes to the pandemics named above. Im particularly grateful for my good health, financial stability, and—like youfriends, faith, and family.  

I miss smiling at friends and strangers. Im a smiley person and I feel that wearing mask strips me of an important aspect of my personality. However, I will continue to wear my mask until its completely safefor me and othersto go without one. 

The availability of the vaccine is giving me hope as we begin 2021. Im looking forward to when its safe for me to travel to see my family this spring or summer after more than eighteen months of separation. Im looking forward to vacationing, getting back to the gym, singing in my church choir, eating out, and entertaining. 

In spite of it all, I found value in staying at home more than usual and spending time alone. I will guard these values as normalcy” returns. One activity my husband and I will keep in place is our nightly Rummikub games. 

Like every year of our lives, our intentions make a difference. It sounds like you intend to make 2021 a great year. Happy New Year to you and yours!



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