Sunday, October 24, 2021

Learn about Pythons



By The Friends of Fakahatchee

Are there pythons in the Fakahatchee? Fortunately, the answer is “not many”. But, that can’t be said for neighboring areas in Collier County and in the greater Everglades.

To learn more, attend an illustrated lecture on Sunday, April 15, when author Larry Perez will be talking about “Everglades Pythons; A Decade of Change.” This dynamic speaker has been a ranger in several South Florida parks and has just published a new book, Snake in the Grass, which he will be signing at the event.

He says, “Natural landscapes across the country are often managed with the goal of preserving pristine wilderness. In the Everglades, the battle to maintain the natural abundance and diversity of south Florida life is constantly challenged by an endless parade of new organisms introduced from foreign locales. In recent years, the proliferation of Burmese pythons throughout the River of Grass has captured worldwide attention on the issue of invasive species. This unprecedented invasion challenges us to rethink our most fundamental ideas about how we steward natural areas, and serves as an allegory for larger issues that will no doubt challenge the manner in which we think about protected areas in the future.”

The Dinner/Talk is being hosted by the Friends of Fakahatchee at the Everglades Seafood Depot Restaurant in Everglades City. The evening begins at 5:00 PM with a roast beef buffet. The cost is $25 for FOF members and $35 for guests. For more information and to reserve your places, see their website www. (click on Events) or phone Marya at (239)695-2905.

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