Sunday, October 17, 2021

Large and Small Trash Items Found at Tigertail Beach Clean-up

A group of 30 volunteers scoured Tigertail Beach on Saturday, December 7th, uncovering a variety of debris. Besides the usual cigarette butts and plastic bottles, damaged fishing equipment and line, along with tires and rusty crab traps were also found. The larger objects were too heavy to be carried in, and FWC was notified to pick up the items with their ATV.  Residents, as well as tourists, participated, with four students joining the adults. Steve Pawlowski from City Public Works, and Collier County Waterkeeper Colleen Gill, as well as waterkeeper board member Erik Lombillo with his family, also volunteered. Siblings Linda Clunis and Lou DeMattheis, former residents who grew up on Marco Island helped clean as well as telling wonderful stories about Tigertail before it was developed. In all, 16 garbage bags were collected, weighing 32 lbs. total. The weight of the larger heavy items on the beach was not calculated but added significantly to the total. Happily, the trend of decreasing litter continues. The county has furnished more trash receptacles strategically located for easy access, and beachgoers seem to be more careful discarding their litter. With so many birds and other animals residing on the sand and in local waters, a beach free of trash will help maintain the diverse ecosystem that the area enjoys.

Friends of Tigertail hosts quarterly clean-ups. The next will be on April 18th, 2020, as part of the County’s Bay Days: Keep Collier Beautiful initiative. More information about the clean-ups as well as the group’s other activities can be found on their website: or their Facebook page.

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