Thursday, January 27, 2022

Landscapers found to be in compliance with City Ordinances

On September 15th, 2010, Code Compliance Supervisor Sergeant James Hassig and Code Compliance Officer Tony Sans, along with City of Marco Island Environmentalist Nancy Richie and Collier County License Compliance Officer Rob Ganguli, conducted a compliance check of all Landscapers that were encountered in the Barfield Dr. and “Estates” area of Marco Island and were actively engaged in landscaping functions. These checks were in response to numerous complaints and concerns that Landscapers were operating in violation of various City Ordinances and County licensing requirements. All eighteen landscaping companies inspected were found to be in compliance with Marco Island City codes; however, Gregory Doss of Angelus Landscaping was cited by Rob Ganguli for a business licensing violation. Post inspection, several landscaping vendors not contacted during the compliance checks requested information from the City so they too could come into voluntary compliance with City of Marco Island’s requirements and codes.

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