Thursday, January 20, 2022

KWC: Building Homes on Relationships



By Noelle H. Lowery

C8-9-CBN-2-20-15-2Every home – and business – must be built on a solid foundation. For Kevin Williams Construction, Inc (KWC) that foundation is relationships.

The Marco Island-based custom home builder has spent the last 30 years carefully constructing his business on a foundation of strong relationships with family, clients and subcontractors. It is owned and operated by the father-son team of Kevin and Ryan Williams. Both of whom are Certified Building Contractors by the State of Florida.

The KWC story begins with Kevin putting himself through college working as a carpenter on Cape Cod, MA. He moved his young family to Marco Island in 1977, and ultimately returned to his construction roots as a remodeler. Once he established a reputation for fair-pricing, quality craftsmanship and great service, it was not surprising that Kevin was asked to start building ground-up custom homes by new customers.

Kevin built upon his reputation by adopting a long-term focus for his company and clientele. Says Ryan: “Many



of the people we build for are building their dream home to enjoy for years to come. They have a vision for that home and how they wish to live in it. We help them realize those dreams and provide a home that will stand the test of time.” Closely aligning their business with the goals of the customer is the foundation of KWC’s customer service.

C8-9-CBN-2-20-15-3It is important that we develop a close working relationship with our clients. We value our customers, and our goal is to understand and address their needs and wants as best as possible. These strong working relationships make for a successful and pleasurable building experience. Ryan says “some clients have even become good friends, which is a wonderful perk to the job and adds a tremendous amount of satisfaction to what we do”.

To that end, KWC limits the number of projects they take on in order to meet the demands of their clients and best serve



their needs. KWC specializes in the truly one-of-a-kind custom home and custom renovations for existing homes and condominiums. These types of projects require close oversight to ensure a high standard of quality is maintained.

From design through construction, Kevin and Ryan oversee every element of each project. “We are the project managers and superintendents,” Ryan notes. “We are on the job site every day scrutinizing each aspect of a project. We focus on providing the best quality and service we can for our clients. We can’t do that if we take on too much work.”

C8-9-CBN-2-20-15-4Kevin’s advice to anyone interested in building a custom home: “The most successful project starts with the right team. Find the right builder, architect and interior designer up front to work together with you through the design of your home. Do your research; ask for client references, interview prospective team members and tour their finished and on-going projects. It is also advisable to check public court records for



any past litigation. Identify who is the best fit for you and who you feel you can trust. Then, work as a team from start to finish.”

And, when it comes to meeting a client’s budget, KWC is on top of that as well. “Throughout the design phase we are able to provide guidance to make sure we do not exceed our client’s financial goals,” explains Ryan. “We can cost engineer the design if need be and we always work to improve upon the design to eliminate potential issues down the road. We put a budget together as early as possible to make sure we are headed in the right direction for the client.” Communication is a key aspect of this process. When the team works well together there is an honest, free flow of ideas, which enables the project to exceed the client’s expectations. Kevin feels “our most important talent is our ability to listen to our customers and then focus our efforts to achieve their goals”.

  [/caption] wp-image-45986″ src=”” alt=”C8-9-CBN-2-20-15-6″ width=”200″ height=”142″ />The results of KWC’s process and focus on quality and customer service are undeniable. Recently, KWC completed a whole house renovation where they took the structure down to its block walls and rebuilt it from the inside out; changing the entire interior lay-out. The home was transformed from a constrained, underutilized floor plan to a grand, open space truly reflecting how the homeowners live. The exterior was also given a major face-lift, including a beautiful new landscape design to enhance the home’s features. To the passerby, it looks like a brand new home.

During the last four months of the project, the client relied solely on Kevin, Ryan and their team to complete the project without their involvement. “There was a strong degree of trust,” Ryan says. So much so, that the homeowners did not want to witness the final details coming together. “They really wanted the ‘Wow!’ factor of seeing their home 100% complete’ noted Ryan. When the homeowners finally viewed their home it



was completely furnished with beds made, dishes put away and the refrigerator and bar were even stocked.

C8-9-CBN-2-20-15-5In the end, KWC held an unveiling event for the client, complete with a caterer and videographer to record the occasion. “The clients were blown away! It was so much fun to see their reactions as they walked through their newly remodeled home for the first time.” Ryan was quick to point out that the success of this project was really the result of a talented team, from the interior designer, Theresa Wright, to all the hard-working subcontractors and tradesmen.

So often you hear of home building or remodeling horror stories. Kevin, Ryan and the KWC team clearly believe that there’s a better way. Kevin states: “We work hard to build a great home for our clients, but we want them to enjoy the experience too. Building or remodeling a home is a tremendous investment of time and money, the process should be an enjoyable one, and, I think we’ve demonstrated that it definitely can be.”

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