Saturday, November 27, 2021

Kudos to Steve Stefanides & The Christmas Island Style Committee!

Letter to the Editor

Full Disclosure: I do not use social media; however, my wife has shown me many of the postings on Facebook regarding the decision to cancel this year’s Marco Island Street Parade. 

I’ve known Steve (Stef) Stefanides for many years, and although not of the Christian faith, the Holiday Season is an important tradition to both my wife and myself and we’ve passed it on to our children and grandchildren. We are also members of the House Decorating Committee and each year look forward to the responsibility of determining the annual winner of the best in house, condo, and business decorating efforts. 

I am extremely disappointed at my fellow citizens who have taken to attacking Stef and his Committee for the decision to cancel this year’s Street Parade and enthusiastically support the decision. This is not a political decision; it is based on the simple scientific fact that large groups not masked or exercising social distancing is a “herd spreading” opportunity. Further, science is clearly showing that as of today more than 50% of the United States is showing an increase in the number of infections and deaths. 

As Commodore of the Marco Bay Yacht Club, we had already made the decision to cancel our participation in this year’s Street Parade before Stef made the decision public. Marco Bay has a long tradition of both participating, as well as winning in various categories of the Parade. 

We are of the opinion that the in-water parade is safe to participate in since there are few people actually on the boat and people viewing from their homes have the opportunity to view the parade while exercising smart protocols of masks and social distancing. 

My message to those who are writing in and posting negative comments: get involved, join a committee, and then exercise your right to comment! 


Larry and Judy Sacher 


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